What is the state of the UK Tech Market currently?


Brexit looks to have had little impact on the tech recruitment scene. The biggest issue for companies now is concern at hiring and retaining non-UK staff in the future. With 51% (Tech City survey Jul 2016) saying they think that it will be more difficult to attract and retain the very best talent moving forward. Meaning many will have to rely on strong relationships with good reputable recruitment partners.

Revolution Technology recorded their best month ever last month and are continuing to see an increase of techies moving from across Europe to the UK for exciting opportunities and its flourishing tech market. Our London based clients and clients in TechHubs such as Cambridge, Brighton, Manchester, Reading and Bristol are no exception and are investing heavily in the growth of their businesses by hiring both local and European candidates.

One movement we have seen growing over the past few months is an increase in the demand for tech contractors.


 Q2 2016 saw a 7% increase in London for the number of contract Tech vacancies up to 20,075 (Dice 2016)

With a strong and ever growing contractor network, RevTech are investing heavily to be able to offer clients a consultative contract service to allow them to grow with flexibility and not be hindered by the time constraints due to the lack of hiring the right permanent staff member quickly.

Whether it be a short term sudden need or a long term planned project. Getting in the right, niche, hard to find skill sets quickly, whilst offering flexibility, is making contractors the go-to option for many businesses. The cost of waiting is sometimes too high.

Many start-ups are increasingly taking on contractors now too, supporting and growing the business until funding has been closed and then investing in a more permanent option.

The biggest contract demands we are currently seeing is for:

  • DevOps
  • Javascript (Angular/React)
  • UX/UI/Design

But we have seen growth in demand across all the areas we cover.

Data |Development and Design | Quality Assurance | Infrastructure

In conclusion, the UK tech market is strong and resilient. With the average value of the AIM’s 173 tech companies, following a slight dip, rallying up, post Brexit, to £62 Million. Higher than it was at the end of May.

RevTech are definitely optimistic about the future of the London tech scene and are continuing to grow and invest in the development of our staff to support all of our clients.

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