“The technology of a single Game Boy exceeds all the computing power that was used to put the first man on the moon in 1969”

 “A robotic fish created by researchers at NYU-Poly was left to interact with normal fish. It was accepted by them and soon guided them as a leader.”

We are passionate about technology, from understanding how Data Scientists use machine learning decision trees for troubleshooting manufacturing faults, to debating if React is going to take the mantle as the leading JS framework. We spend our time meeting innovative/interesting people and learning about how tech is changing the world.

Trends, predictions, methodologies, IOT, Big Data, Wearables, SaaS and Fintech…We find this all captivating and spend most of our time immersing ourselves in these areas with like-minded people to learn more about how technology is changing the world. Will Data Scientists be responsible for curing disease?

The UK tech market has never been more vibrant and touches all of our everyday lives, be it personal or professional, I for one am very interested in seeing it evolve. With an ever-changing landscape the tech market craves innovation and I am optimistic that many of the start-ups we are working with are building genuine disruptive and ground-breaking products that will impact our lives.

Our larger more corporate clients are also realising the benefits of encouraging more agile, unorthodox practices and utilising cutting edge solutions. They do this to stay competitive and differentiate themselves. Larger companies are now having to compete with new ‘cooler’ start-up businesses, thus forcing multinationals to search for ways to implement a culture that embraces change or build some of the ‘Shoreditch spirit’ within their own businesses. This is being done in the form of new teams/divisions/sub-companies, focusing purely on digital innovation.

In this day and age going through university and getting a decent 9-5 job no longer qualifies you as an expert in your field. The key stand out candidates demonstrate passion. This can be seen in the form of personal projects, portfolios, online courses, attending meet-ups/conferences and experimenting or teaching yourself new tools and technologies in your spare time.

This market ensures the demand for these tech skills are higher than ever, encouraging a surge in counter offers, bidding wars for the stand out candidates and many open vacancies that clients are struggling to fill themselves. It’s a candidate driven market out there and we have seen a huge demand in our services recently as clients realise that partnering with good head-hunters to identify passive candidates and sell their opportunity and business well, becomes a real asset. Talent acquisition is one of the greatest barriers to the success of a technology business…That is where we come in.

If you feel as passionate about the UK tech space as we do then please join me and Revolution Technology in keeping up to date with the tech scene plus the many diverse exciting opportunities within it.

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