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  • Mapreduce, Hbase, R, Hadoop, NoSQL, SQL, Python, Hive, SAS, Mahout, Matlab, Spark


“99% of the world’s data has been created over the last 3 years and only 1% of our data is currently being analysed.”

New tools are allowing clients to group large amounts of data but it is people that are answering the questions such as – What Shall we do with our Data? What Value does my data hold? How can my data be used to increase profitability?

The struggle that companies are facing is how to derive value from data and how to access the rewards it offers. Following the successes of large corporates making millions from using their data effectively, there’s an increase in companies looking at how they utilise their data.

Demand for Big/Small Data staff is growing and identifying and sourcing the right people to convert meaningful data analysis into actionable business strategies is hindering the growth of companies investing in this area. The industry is not only new, but growing at a rapid rate. A need for professionals with technical experience combined with commercial acumen has led to entirely new job profiles. To utilise the potential value of data, companies need ‘new people with new mind-sets’.

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