December; Time to relax the job hunt, chill out and get merry, right?!… Wrong!!

So, December has arrived and the temptation to take it a little easier (whilst eating a lot more) is upon us.

However, here are 5 ways you should be upping your game instead of slowing it down… you can still have a mince pie or 5 along the way!

  1. Get in before January!mince

So, everyone knows the way it goes… new year, new me!! And that applies to jobs as well! Come January people will be reconsidering their lives, their goals and feeling the wave of bravery that pushes them to make a change. Competition for these jobs will be at an all-time high. You can beat this by getting organised and productive now, whilst everyone else is talking about pumpkin spiced lattes and Christmas jumpers… (maybe that’s just me) … get your CV sorted and sent out.

Tip* Speak to a recruiter, they can handle all the leg work for you and you can fit in even more mince pies! (win win)

  1. Work on your goals!

Make sure you know what you want and what you’re working towards! Consider any new skills you would like to learn and new tech you’d like to be working with. This means you’ll be able to give the companies you interview with, a clear idea of where you want to be heading. They will be doing the same, revitalising their vision, goals and strategy to kick off strong in the new year. Interviewing with companies now means you will get a full insight into their next year plans and have a better idea of the career path you may be letting yourself in for in the New Year.

Tip* If a (trusted) recruiter suggests a company is open to new tech give them a chance. Go to the interview and highlight your reasons for wanting to work with a specific tech. You could help influence decisions around future technology decisions.

  1. Catch up with your market!

The Christmas period is a great time to get in some netPLAYing as opposed to networking. There are a lot of Xmas meetups happening, which means a much more social atmosphere where you can get lots of handy hints and tips from people working in your area. Find some relevant meetups, go along and talk to people about what you should be learning, what opportunities are about and make some great new connections!

Tip* Go to and look for Xmas gatherings in your area. You’re spoilt for choice in London!

  1. Find out what Google is saying about you!twitter

Google yourself… go on!… It’s often something that people overlook, but given our high levels of online activity and social networks it should be something you’re aware of. We’ve all seen the posts go around of companies firing people before they’ve even began due to silly posts on their Twitter or Facebook page. We have even seen it first-hand ourselves so check check check!

Tip* Look at your privacy settings and make sure anyone you don’t want viewing your posts can’t!

  1. Contracting roles are in abundance!

If you want to find your next contract or just give contracting a go, December is a great time to get out there! December is a busy time for most industries and a time when many people take holidays, so that means companies need extra help to complete projects and meet demands of clients and customers.  So, whether you are already contracting or looking for some money to fill the space whilst you’re looking for a new permanent opportunity, have a look into temporary positions.

Tip* Pick up your phone, dial 0203 762 2334 and ask for Fergus!

So, whether you’re considering a move or you’re already actively looking, now is the best time to up the ante! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone’s logged off for the year, the recruiting world is very much in full swing. So, get going, beat the competition and get yourself a shiny new job in time for Christmas!

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