Contractor Payment Schedule

To: All New Private Limited Company Contractors
From: Payroll Manager
Subject: Payment Schedule

Congratulations on securing a contract through us. We are delighted to be working with you.

To get your timesheets authorised, you will need to submit them via ETZ Sign. It will be your responsibility to ensure you line manager approves the timesheets in time, according to the schedule below, to ensure you are paid on time. You will then receive a self-bill invoice later the following week. If you haven’t received them by close of business on the Friday, your timesheet has not been approved on time. Please note, the invoice week is dependent on whether you are on monthly invoicing or weekly.

Payment Schedule

At the end of your timesheet invoice period, once submitting your timesheets, you will need your line manager to approve them before 12pm the following Wednesday to ensure the self-bill invoice is generated with an issue date of that Monday.

E.g. A Contractor on 1 week invoicing and 30-day payment terms would need their timesheet for the week ending Sunday 8th, to be approved by their line manager by Wednesday 11th for the invoice date to be Monday 9th. The contractor will then be paid 30 days from the Monday 9th. If the timesheet is authorized after the Wednesday 11th, then the following Monday (16th) shall be noted as the invoice date…. and so on.

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Payment dates may vary slightly within a day or two dependent on bank holidays and if the date falls on a weekend. All monies should be in your account before 12pm on the payment date.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding any questions on 0203 587 7811 or e-mail your relevant consultant or

Congratulations again and we look forward to getting you started.




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