TECHNOLOGY RECRUITMENT MISTAKES 2018 – Q1 (And suggested solutions)

We have to be a bit general when talking about the market as we can only reference our sizeable client base and of course our technical areas of specialisation. However, within the Data, Development, QA and Infrastructure markets since the last quarter of 2017, we are seeing an increasing and worrying shortage of candidates.

We note that the most progressive employers are heavily focussing on retention. Utilising benefits such as frequent training, home working and market driven salary increases in addition to many employment benefits both internal (lunches, overseas gatherings etc) and more standard benefits (gym memberships, health care etc) to tie in current talent. As a result, the initial advertising and head hunting skills need to be fully utilised.

Advice: Research your competition (Rev Tech provide tailored research)

So, what are our clients doing to attract in a market where competition is fierce and skills are scarce. Clearly competing with existing benefits is not always possible but competing on basic salary is generally a must. Salary as ever will still be sacrificed to an extent for equity, but we are seeing adventurous techies being much more focussed and judgemental on the potential of that equity. Probably the most significant motivation to join a company remains access to the latest technology and most innovative environments. Being at the cutting edge still cuts it.

Advice: Be clear on what your company has to offer (what keeps you there) and share it.

In short it is vitally important that recruiting companies invest heavily in getting their message across early in the process. A solid brief to your recruiters is essential to ensure that the positive message is clear and out there.  As with anything tech the joy of creating and sharing that creativity and clearly defining the role and opportunity is paramount. Whilst you may still have to negotiate terms, desire is a great motivator.

Advice: Ensure your recruiting agency/staff are well informed and the message is clearly delivered. Be positive and inclusive in your interviews. Crass I know, but smile and the world smiles with you, despite the drive to AI based recruitment, people still and will always buy people.

We see far too many clients allowing too much time to pass between interview and offer, consequently losing their momentum and allowing other companies the opportunity to disrupt their efforts.

Advice: Get your offer out quickly, engage quickly, close quickly. If you don’t succeed make sure you understand why.

Lastly there is an increasing move by clients who are trying to hold out for that perfect candidate they are utilising the contract market to allow them to progress projects and take an element of pressure of the hire.

Advice: Permanent is not always the answer, consider contract and skills transfer, its great for your staff morale and can be cheaper in the long run.

Gary Edelman


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